Michael Jackson…neglecting animals…

P.s. : Update on my dinner the other night…I made this “chicken” breast in a tomato marinade by the company It’s All Good (found at my local Hannaford grocery store) It was surprisingly delicious! It has been so hard trying to find good meatless alternatives. I definitely recommend this brand of products to those that can find them. My dad looked at my plate and was like “Wait why are you eating chicken?” (Both my parents are not vegans) He was totally shocked at the appearance of my food. It looks, tastes and has the same texture as the real thing. The best part is it’s extremely healthy, packed full of nutritious grains and vitamins!

Come on Michael we all know that you have had a horrible reputation for the way you treat animals. In case you haven’t heard, Michael Jackson is planning to ride an African elephant at the O2 arena in London. He is also going to be using several other exotic animals during the performance….PETA Europe contacted the arena to warn officials about his past animal neglect. I personally feel that the animals should be left alone and not used to enhance the performance. After all animals are not ment for such entertainment. They should be left to enjoy their natural environments. What do you think about this situation?



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