Iditarod Race & Effects on Dogs

Beautiful looking dogs huh?? They look so adorable…such a shame these innocent animals are being mistreated. Yep thats right. At the beginning of the Iditarod race one dog died due to being run to death. After hearing this I thought it was only a matter of time before more dogs began suffering. A total of six dogs have been reported dead thus far!

Some factors contributing to their deaths:
1) Froze to death
2) fluid in their lungs
3) Turbulent plane flight

However PETA has taken action against these unfortunate events. In an effort to establish a criminal investigation into the deaths of the dogs PETA has contacted the Alaska State Troopers.

What do you think about the Iditarod dog race? Do you feel it should continue? I don’t think that it’s worth risking the lives of dogs just to win a sled race. Sled racing should be banned, especially after hearing how these dogs are literally suffering so badly.


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