I’m Hatin It

Ok so apparently PETA is getting back on McDonald’s case as they should for many reasons. For those that don’t know in 2000 PETA launced a campaign against McDonalds because of the cruelty it lets its U.S. chicken suppliers to use. One example of this is that birds are still conscious when their throughts are cut!!! Although McDonald’s agreed to set up animal welfare measures that would include CAK which is controlled atmosphere killing, this has not been put into action yet.

I definitely support PETA’S on going campaign titled I’m Hatin It. These billboards can now be seen at many McDonald’s across the country.

After seeing PETA’s McCruelty video I am so thankful that I am a vegan. The video is EXTREMELY graphic so those that are faint of heart should avoid viewing it…..It is very sad to see how these poor chickens are slaughtered in such violent and cruel ways though.



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