DAIRY/MEAT Substitutes

I thought toda I would take a break from the PETA news and just comment on some food issues. I was first a vegetarian for many years and have recently committed to being a hard core vegan for almost two years now. The transition was not that easy because I found it hard to find proper dairy and meat substitutes that not only tasted great but were healthy. I’ve tried many brands and seem to enjoy the soy cheese by Galaxy Nutritional foods. In order to make sure I get enough calcium I enjoy drinking soy milk. I buy SILK LIGHT plain. I also eat soy yogurt by Stony Field. These are all natural and have no preservatives in them! As far as meat substitutes go I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I don’t particularly care for BOCA products because of the high sodium content and the fact that many of the ingredients are not recognizable.

However, I was really happy because this week I found this new line of meatless products called It’s All Good. They are carried at my local Hannaford grocery store but currently no where else around here. I haven’t tried them yet but I picked up a “chicken” cutlet that is in a tomato marinade and another meal that is “chicken” strips with some type of seasoning (doesn’t come to mind at the moment.) The best part about this line of meatless products is that there are not preservatives, additives etc. and they are made with all natural and recognizable ingredients!! Finally something (hopefully yummy) and at the same time you can feel good about eating it! I plan to try these this friday so I will be sure to post and let you know how they turned out.


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