Seal Slaughtering!

Today I was looking through the various posts on PETA’s site and came across something that made me awfully sad. The post was about Canada’s annual seal slaughtering. I had no idea such a thing occurred let alone even aloud to take place! Did anyone even know that each year around 338,200 seals are beaten and skinned?? The process is as follows: seals are hooked in the eye, cheek or mouth then dragged across the ice. The club-wielding then beat the poor things to death.

However there is hope to bringing these cruel actions to an end. The following link will direct you to PETA’s website which makes the action alert avaliable

The action alert will be sent to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee.

This will only take a few minutes of your time so I ask you to please consider filling out the alert. Just think, the more people that bring this to the attention of the committee, the closer we will get to ending this and saving the lives of these little baby seals!

Thanks everyone!


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