March 30, 2009

Well, this is my last required blog for my Public Relations class. . . However, I may sign in from time to time to keep you updated on PETAs efforts to stop animal cruelty. I would just like to leave you all with a little more information about PETA and the campaigns it is involved in. I hope that by reading my blog you became more aware of how necessary it is for PETA to gather more and more support since the issue of animal rights is increasing. You would truly be amazed at how many animals are suffering each day. Without PETA bringing this situations into the open, we would not be able to make any progress in the effort to put such suffering to and end.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA stated “When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife.” It’s unfortunate that many people of today’s society still feel that the sole purpose of animals are for human use.

PETAs view on animals is as follows: Every creature that has a will to live also has a will to live free without pain and suffering.

Just remember animals are capable of suffering to the same degree as humans do. They can feel basically every emotion that we can.

Please take the time to view PETAs site and see what a great organization they really are! Animals should have rights and the more people who agree, the closer we will come to eventually ending all of the animal cruelty currently taking place.


That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

March 30, 2009

This is a new book that is written by Ruby Roth. The theme of the book revolves around educating children about vegans, vegetarians, and all living things. By reading the book, children learn how their choice of food has it’s affects on other living things as well as the planet.

Throughout the book, Roth emphasizes how one’s family is important and gives interesting facts about animals. These are very good points because they help children see the importance of treating animals kindly.

There are illustrations that are not too graphic for young children but they get their point across. Factory farming is also discussed but it is not so in depth that it will scare kids.

I definitely recommend this book to parents who want to teach their kids how to treat animals with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Iditarod Race & Effects on Dogs

March 29, 2009

Beautiful looking dogs huh?? They look so adorable…such a shame these innocent animals are being mistreated. Yep thats right. At the beginning of the Iditarod race one dog died due to being run to death. After hearing this I thought it was only a matter of time before more dogs began suffering. A total of six dogs have been reported dead thus far!

Some factors contributing to their deaths:
1) Froze to death
2) fluid in their lungs
3) Turbulent plane flight

However PETA has taken action against these unfortunate events. In an effort to establish a criminal investigation into the deaths of the dogs PETA has contacted the Alaska State Troopers.

What do you think about the Iditarod dog race? Do you feel it should continue? I don’t think that it’s worth risking the lives of dogs just to win a sled race. Sled racing should be banned, especially after hearing how these dogs are literally suffering so badly.

Michael Jackson…neglecting animals…

March 29, 2009

P.s. : Update on my dinner the other night…I made this “chicken” breast in a tomato marinade by the company It’s All Good (found at my local Hannaford grocery store) It was surprisingly delicious! It has been so hard trying to find good meatless alternatives. I definitely recommend this brand of products to those that can find them. My dad looked at my plate and was like “Wait why are you eating chicken?” (Both my parents are not vegans) He was totally shocked at the appearance of my food. It looks, tastes and has the same texture as the real thing. The best part is it’s extremely healthy, packed full of nutritious grains and vitamins!

Come on Michael we all know that you have had a horrible reputation for the way you treat animals. In case you haven’t heard, Michael Jackson is planning to ride an African elephant at the O2 arena in London. He is also going to be using several other exotic animals during the performance….PETA Europe contacted the arena to warn officials about his past animal neglect. I personally feel that the animals should be left alone and not used to enhance the performance. After all animals are not ment for such entertainment. They should be left to enjoy their natural environments. What do you think about this situation?



March 28, 2009

I came across a very interesting blog on PETA’s site this morning. In 2004 PETA launced a Holocaust on Your Plate display showing pics of animals in slauterhouses as well as people in Nazi concentration camps….very clever if you ask me.

The purpose of the display was to bring to the attention that the mindset used during the Holocaust is very similar to the mindset used allowing for routine and systematic murder of animals!

However, when this traveling display reached Germany it was banned. The reason was “the fate of the victims of the Holocaust appear banal and trivial.” Do you think that the campaign went to far?

I personally feel that it did not. Besides, freedom of speech should allow for the display to be presented.

I’m Hatin It

March 26, 2009

Ok so apparently PETA is getting back on McDonald’s case as they should for many reasons. For those that don’t know in 2000 PETA launced a campaign against McDonalds because of the cruelty it lets its U.S. chicken suppliers to use. One example of this is that birds are still conscious when their throughts are cut!!! Although McDonald’s agreed to set up animal welfare measures that would include CAK which is controlled atmosphere killing, this has not been put into action yet.

I definitely support PETA’S on going campaign titled I’m Hatin It. These billboards can now be seen at many McDonald’s across the country.

After seeing PETA’s McCruelty video I am so thankful that I am a vegan. The video is EXTREMELY graphic so those that are faint of heart should avoid viewing it…..It is very sad to see how these poor chickens are slaughtered in such violent and cruel ways though.


DAIRY/MEAT Substitutes

March 25, 2009

I thought toda I would take a break from the PETA news and just comment on some food issues. I was first a vegetarian for many years and have recently committed to being a hard core vegan for almost two years now. The transition was not that easy because I found it hard to find proper dairy and meat substitutes that not only tasted great but were healthy. I’ve tried many brands and seem to enjoy the soy cheese by Galaxy Nutritional foods. In order to make sure I get enough calcium I enjoy drinking soy milk. I buy SILK LIGHT plain. I also eat soy yogurt by Stony Field. These are all natural and have no preservatives in them! As far as meat substitutes go I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I don’t particularly care for BOCA products because of the high sodium content and the fact that many of the ingredients are not recognizable.

However, I was really happy because this week I found this new line of meatless products called It’s All Good. They are carried at my local Hannaford grocery store but currently no where else around here. I haven’t tried them yet but I picked up a “chicken” cutlet that is in a tomato marinade and another meal that is “chicken” strips with some type of seasoning (doesn’t come to mind at the moment.) The best part about this line of meatless products is that there are not preservatives, additives etc. and they are made with all natural and recognizable ingredients!! Finally something (hopefully yummy) and at the same time you can feel good about eating it! I plan to try these this friday so I will be sure to post and let you know how they turned out.


March 24, 2009


Ok so apparently last month supporters of PETA went outside of a KFC in Maryland dressed up in a chicken costume and were “slaughtering” (it was fake.. no worries!) the colonel. Hanging on the display was a banner that read “KFC CUTS LIVE ANIMALS’ THROATS”

I personally feel that this was a great visual. Although, some PETA supporters feel that this is demonstrating violence, I don’t see it in that way. I have seen countless posters around where I live that contain the words “KFC Cruelty” and this issue definitely needs to be addressed so that it can hopefully be resolved sooner than later. Good work PETA!


Seal Slaughtering!

March 23, 2009

Today I was looking through the various posts on PETA’s site and came across something that made me awfully sad. The post was about Canada’s annual seal slaughtering. I had no idea such a thing occurred let alone even aloud to take place! Did anyone even know that each year around 338,200 seals are beaten and skinned?? The process is as follows: seals are hooked in the eye, cheek or mouth then dragged across the ice. The club-wielding then beat the poor things to death.

However there is hope to bringing these cruel actions to an end. The following link will direct you to PETA’s website which makes the action alert avaliable

The action alert will be sent to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee.

This will only take a few minutes of your time so I ask you to please consider filling out the alert. Just think, the more people that bring this to the attention of the committee, the closer we will get to ending this and saving the lives of these little baby seals!

Thanks everyone!


March 13, 2009

Hello all!

My name is Mary and I am a Public Relations student.  For one of my classes, (Publicity and Public Relations Writing) I am required to create a blog and comment on an a particular organization of my interest.  I have chosen to blog about PETA.  For those of you who unware, this stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which deals with animal rights.  Personally I have been a Vegan for close to two years now and am very interested in the efforts of PETA to help put an end to suffering of animals.  I will be posting about the latest issues PETA is currently dealing with.